Business idea
mum projektbyggarna helps businesses and organisations carry out construction projects with the greatest possible strategic, financial and environmental benefits and time advantages for customers and users.


The CM service
All construction projects are different. It would therefore be very odd if we only offered one way of solving a client’s problem. At mum, we often use “construction management” – a method where we work in teams with the client and draw up guidelines and follow through projects together. Construction management generally makes it possible to shorten construction times and is more costeffective than traditional construction methods. It is a flexible method, allowing changes during the course of work.

However, we also work with allin contracts. These provide a high level of security since it is quite clear who is responsible. It can also lead to short construction times and can be cheaper, provided that the project has been correctly defined.
And we also work with various types of combinations of these methods.

Does this sound vague? Not to worry. You can be confident that we have the knowledge of the industry, the drive, experience, the ability to communicate, to analyse and to listen, and the required expertise to find the method that gives you, the client, the greatest benefit and the best result.


mum projektbyggarna
mum is a young company, although it has long and solid experience in the construction industry. The company was established in 1998, and has since then expanded from three employees to about ten today. The founders and staff have a high standard of education and training and have experience from many parts of the construction industry. We carry out and lead construction projects with one guiding principle: to choose the system or technology that best suits our and our clients’needs. We are wholly independent and we do not get stuck in standard solutions. For this reason, we never offer our customers readymade solutions.

We find the solution that is most appropriate in the course of work.


Living up to trust
If there is any one of our resources that is more important than experience and expertise, it is the trust that our clients have placed in us. Because, after all, it’s you, the client, who have put your trust in us by working with us. And our success is directly in proportion to how well we live up to that trust. Trust is not just the obvious things such as respecting confidentiality, never discussing our clients or our projects with third parties. It is also about selecting subcontractors, not just with financial and quality criteria in mind, but also applying an ethical, moral and environmental perspective. This follows on from a modern, global way of thinking.

And we don’t just do this in our work locally in Sweden but also when we help clients to build in Latvia, Poland or Denmark.

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